additional page design

Additional Page Design

There is a lot more to a page then the eye can see. Each page is created with footer and header in mind and special attention in establishing and preserving all the links and comprehensive completion of SEO and related keywords.

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Busniness Email Address

Busniness Email Address

3x professional business e-mails that match your domain with up to 50 GB storage.

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content writing

Content Creation (Per 100 Word)

The originality and the quality of your content dictate your ranking and the ability to draw the customer to your site. It is imperative that your content are reviewed and worded to engage your customers and improve your SEO rankings using the right keywords in the content.

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Domain Name registration

Domain Name Registration

The service is not available yet. Coming Soon.

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image design

Image Design (Full HD 1080) -1 Image

Image design is not about just about buying an image. Upon purchase of the image, our graphic designers further edit the photo and crop it to the desired size as per Web Directors’ guidance. At times the image gets produced in-house especially if its infographic or symbolic.

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Website Pop Up

Pop up (Each)

Pop-up ads are forms of advertising on your website. It’s typically a graphical display area, usually a small window that suddenly appears in the foreground of your website. It is used for special offers or messages that have a limited-time offering. Please note that separate charges for graphic design works. Please consult your Relationship manager for a quote if you require one.

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google smart ads

Smart AD – Google AI

Google’s new smart display campaigns allow advertisers to target their ads to audiences and placements that are most likely to drive conversions for their business without requiring any set targeting. All advertisers need to do is select a CPA goal and upload some ad assets and then Google handles the rest.

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Video Production

Video Production (per sec)

Attract and convert visitors into customers. The best way to do just that is to produce a video of your work or your key message to your audience. Start your production today and see up to 70% difference in your audience response rate.

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Web Design Service

Web Design

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Web Hosting

Web Hosting

7Ranker web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows our customers and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web with full one on one support for their hosting and website matters.

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